Cynnamon Sugar. Where you can Luxe and Lax!

Cynnamon Sugar Logo

Welcome to the blog. Our company name is Cynnamon Sugar. We provide luxury body and hair products. We will also be hosting events where you can purchase our products so you can luxuriate and relax at home. We will be publishing blogs about each product, our favorite ingredients, their benefits to you, sales, and future events among other things. Please connect with us on Facebook and Twitter for specials and sale information as we will be posting it there to our dedicated consumers first. We look forward to an opportunity to EARN your loyalty.


About BillionHeir Legacy Media

We have a mission here at BillionHeir Legacy Media to be a globally respected brand, establishing a culture of Kingdom excellence and exceptional support for our team so that they may provide a regal experience to our clients. We strive to grow our business through integrity, communication, and excellence. At BHLM our vision is to create a better media and business experience for the masses. Our corporation supports this vision by offering a wide-range of well-designed products and services at prices to which our client is willing to invest in themselves because of our service, quality, and value. Our corporation is an umbrella company to several subsidiaries such as our beauty division: Cynnamon Sugar, LLC; our home and lifestyle division: Domestic Executive Society LLC; our educational division: Domination University; BHLM is the sole publisher for Ask TPJ, LLC; and finally, our non-profit organization: Truth Seekers Assembly, Inc.
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